About Befriending

Volunteer befrienders are special people who give up their time to support someone who is lonely or isolated.  People who use befriending service need support for all kinds of reasons - because they have become ill or unable to go out much, have lost confidence, or have no family or friends nearby.  Some people need support only for a short time, until they regain confidence.  Others may need longer term support.

Type of befriending services provided by IsLAND members:
  • Home visiting (befriender provides support by visiting a person in their own home)
  • Buddying (the befriender supports a person to take part in activities or to access services outside their home)
  • Mentoring (befriender supports a person to achieve specific goal or outcome)
  • Telephone (befriending takes place over the telephone)
  • Email (support is provided by email)
  • Supported friendships (support for someone to make and sustain peer friendships in a supported environment, e.g. by acting as a chaperone, or by helping with practical things like arranging travel or handling money) and/or
  • Group befriending (support is provided by bringing people together in a group setting).Befriending services may offer one, two or more of these kinds of befriending.

To find out which befriending services are available in your area go to our Befriending Services page.